Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ToHeart2ad OVA 発売

To Heart 2 Another Day's OVA Volume 1 has finally been released! To Heart 2 AD was one of my favourite eroge so far in 2008, thanks to their nice artwork and pretty satisfying storyline. Have yet to get my hands on the OVA, but it's apparently selling like hotcakes all over Japan. Don't worry, the OVA is not a dolphin-waxing material, so it's safe for all ages. Heard that Volume 1 of the OVA is focused on Tama-nee, or Kousaka Tamaki.

Now on sale. link here. Volume 2 of KimiNozo OVA way over to the right there.

Gamer's main branch.

On a side note, True Tears DVD Volume 1 was released on the 25th.


Volume 1 front cover, featuring Isurugi Noe.

Volume 2 front cover, featuring Yuasa Hiromi. Set for release on the same date next month. やっぱり比呂美ちゃんが可愛い!

My sixth sense suggests that this anime is gonna sway towards Noe on the last episode next week. But this anime has been really unpredictable so who knows? Yeah, after that scene where Noe's brother tried to kiss Noe on the lips. And I thought that line 「キスしてもいい?」by Noe's brother was intended for Hiromi during the previews of last episode(11). One thing's for sure though. Another great anime coming to an end!

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