Wednesday, March 26, 2008

最終回 影二つ

If I have known that Episode 22 was the last episode of Clannad, I would have watched on Friday that day. Yeap, you've heard it right. If you haven't already known yet, the best anime(in my list) of Winter 07/08 ended last Friday, though there's still an OVA going to be aired the same time this Friday. I feel so miserable... seems like I'm the LAST Clannad watcher on this planet to have only known of this.



Loved the scenes during Nagisa's drama presentation. Everyone was there and all, and the story told by Nagisa was great. Her starting line was great as well, though couldn't remember correctly what she said.

And my, my. What a time for Tomoya to confess to Nagisa. Right at the tail end of the episode. Right at the tail end of the anime. Even so I felt an incredible feeling of satisfaction with Clannad. The execution of the whole series was superb, everyone was given their time, and to be honest right at the tail end I was swaying away towards Nagisa from Kotomi JUST BECAUSE of that superb drama of hers. She managed to pull away from all the pressures mounting and executed her show in a jaw dropping manner.

Uwaa. I'm still in awe that such a superb anime had come and go. Clannad will be remembered in my Anime Hall Of Fame forever. Definitely the best among the best, a higher league above comparing with AIR and KANON. Don't bash me now, but I think Clannad's execution is tons better than how KyoAni dealt with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. But they can only improve, so I'm putting a very high expectation for Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu! XD


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