Thursday, February 28, 2008

To Heart 2 Another Days(18禁)

To Heart 2 Another Days(TH2AD) is an eroge which is due to be released in Japan on the 29th February 2008, which is tomorrow following this post's date. Pics courtesy of Akibablog.

Sofmap store at Akiba. Yeap, most if not all the boxes contain TH2AD. YUM.

TH2AD. Lovely ladies don't you think?

LOOK AT THE LINE. That's insane. Only 8:12pm while the eroge will be on sale at midnight.

Moving on... this is like some big next gen console launch isn't it? And all this people for just ONE piece of eroge.

While the Japanese are queuing their pants off trying to get one piece of the eroge, I'm sitting comfortably on my couch waiting for my TH2AD(leaked) torrent to finish(and on full speed, too), listening to music through my recently bought Sennheiser HD477, and leveling up in Granado Espada. BT BANZAI desu~!

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