Saturday, March 1, 2008

NVIDIA Geforce 9600GT

Currently reverting back to using my old old ATI X550(thank goodness I haven't sold you) while I ship off my ATI HD3850(good riddance?) to make way for the NEW NVIDIA Geforce 9600GT.

Damage done:
ATI HD3850 sold for RM450
RM130 for additional top-up

Look at my graphics card history:

Geforce 2 MX400
ATI 9250
ATI X550
Geforce 8600GT(4-5 months?)
ATI HD3850(for only 2 months, mind you)
Geforce 9600GT

LOL. That means I'm neutral in the never ending war between NVIDIA and ATI? So far both had served me quite well but now more biased towards NVIDIA.

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