Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hackintosh OSX

Thanks to all the helpful tips I got from Insanely Mac, I finally had Leopard 10.5.5 up and running on my Dell XPS M1530. It wasn't, at all, a smooth ride as I repeatedly installed and formatted due to errors booting the OSX that I had encountered along the way. Well worth it I suppose.

Only bummer is that there's no driver(or kext, kernel extension in this case) support for my WLAN and network card. That means no online on my OSX which is a big setback for me. Really wanna test the performance of Safari on an OSX.

Most of the other stuffs work surprisingly well, including full HD video playback which played without a hitch on the Mac version of VLC player. I'm very impressed.

Tempted to test drive an OSX on your PC? Try OSX86 project for a start. This is a long road to venture through, so be prepared for the time consuming processes involved during setup and customizing your OSX.

Or better yet, go buy Macbook/Macbook Pro/Mac mini/iMac/PowerMac. I'm tempted to buy either a Macbook or a Mac Mini. ^^

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