Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ten Days & Counting

Only ten days away from going back to KL and back to uni life. What have I been doing during my holidays? Apart from slacking around at home and having my biological clock reversed(sleeping at 8am instead of waking up), not much really. I have been busy meeting up with friends most of the days and did attend two secondary school gatherings, one for a form five and another for form six. Good to see everyone still doing good and it has been real nice sharing our experiences at each of our universities during the form six gathering.

A few of my primary school buddies have been doing LAN parties at my house as well, we literally played games from morning till night, mostly Warcraft 3 and Starcraft and the occasional Counter Strike. T'was fun, albiet tiring at the end of the day. Beats going to the cyber cafe and spending money on playing games I can play at home with superior computer power. ^^

2008 is ending as well. And an eventful year it is. STPM results came out, though I didn't do as well as I had hoped for, I was selected to attend UKM for my tertiary studies, and met all the wonderful friends at UKM. I started my Civil Engineering course here, although honestly I did regret a little bit for choosing this course. Ahh well, whether I like it or not, I still have to finish this course, so I'll just have to try to enjoy studying the course as much as I can. 2008 will forever be remembered as one of the big turning points of my life.

I have a feeling that my English is getting really poor after writing this post. This is really bad... ^^;;

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