Monday, September 22, 2008

Warcraft 3 = "DOTA"?

Only in Lowyat Forums, apparently.

This is the Warcraft 3 thread in the Gamers' Hideout section of Lowyat Forums.

Apparently, almost 80% of the threads here are about DOTA.

Let's continue to page two, and hope for the better.

Apparently not.

This part is better, only two or three DOTArd-made threads seen.

This is really an insult to the main game, Warcraft 3. I do play "DOTA THE MAP" once in a while, and I admit it's a well-done custom map, but that's about it. The terrible or most of the time, arrogant attitudes of the "DOTA THE MAP" players or better known as DOTArds are making other people hate "DOTA THE MAP" and their players as a whole. As a result, we see insults made towards the so-called DOTArds all over in the WC3 forums overrun by DOTA threads, and I admit I'm tempted to throw in my insults. Such is the pitiful and pathetic state of the once glorious Warcraft 3 section of Gamers' Hideout.

Warcraft 3 is a great GAME, "DOTA THE MAP" is a great MAP. Get the damn facts right you f*cking idiots.

I'm sorry if this thread was insulting to anyone of you, but if you find this ever so insulting to you, I suggest you stay away from "DOTA THE MAP" for a while. Far far away.

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