Friday, September 19, 2008


Though "Welcome to the NHK!" the anime adaptation ended two years ago, can't help but be curious about the manga. And to my surprise, after I finished reading the whole 40 chapters of the manga online(despite having class at 8am later, and it's now 6am), the manga proved to be a much more fulfilling experience compared to the anime, since the manga tells the story in more detail but the ending is basically the same. In the manga, the funny and odd romance between Misaki and Satou is told in full, which is what I wanted to see. Oh, and Misaki is oh-so absolutely cute in the manga!!! One more reason for everyone to buy the manga!!!

Trust me, even if you have watched the anime already(which is top class IMO if you haven't watched it), the manga is truly worth reading again as a lot of stuff isn't featured in the anime. Gonna grab all eight volumes as well, but maybe will get the Japanese version since the English version is a bit too expensive for me... ^^

Time to get some sleep. Going back to Kuching in roughly 36 hours, skipping class this morning. I skip class way too often recently(of course my attendances are taken care of accordingly). ^^;;;

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