Monday, April 14, 2008

Code Geass R2



You probably won't believe this, but I finished Code Geass the 1st season in just two days just to watch the second season. And boy, was it worth it or what.

Episode one was as good as it gets, taking place around one year after the end of Zero's rebellion. Mystery shrouded the happening at the cave between Suzaku and Lelouch at the very end of last season, causing the masses to come up with the conclusion that Zero was killed there. Lelouch(surprisingly) returned to school, unknowing of his past, about Zero and about the rebellion. The black knights are aware that Zero(or Lelouch) is still alive, and is in pursuit of him in order to get him back. The Britannian army is in pursuit of C.C. from direct orders of the King, and with Lelouch as bait, they lured C.C. out and attempted to assasinate her(failed of course lah). C.C. kissed Lelouch on the lips, activating his past memories which were locked deep inside his heart(or brain), as usual with Zero's cold cold attitude, ordered the soldiers in pursuit of them to die.

A few question marks emerged after I watched the 1st episode.

Who was Rollo? Was he REALLY Lelouch's younger brother?
Woah, wait. Who IS Rollo? He has a geass himself! Did he accept a contract with V.V. from last season? He seems to be from the Britannia's side, seeing that he wants to kill Lelouch after he realized his past self.

Where's Lelouch's younger sister, Nunnally? There's no trace of her whatsoever in the 1st episode of R2.
Yahh, looks like the king has his own geass as well, which is manipulating other people's memories. He manipulated Lelouch's memories and replaces them with fake ones, but still no clue on where Nunally is. Safest bet is that she's with either Suzaku or the king or even hiding somewhere with some new character.

Did Lelouch lost his memory during the end of last season? If he did, how?
Like I said, his memories were manipulated and replaced by the king.

What happened to Princess Cornelia? Did she died in the last rebellion?
Not that sure, actually. From the reaction of the soldiers when their commander(dunno what his name was again) told them to fight for the princess, I assume that she's dead. Who knows...

Suzaku swearing some kind of oath with the king?!? What's the meaning of that? Who's the other two that was with him?
Suzaku handed Lelouch in when he was captured last season and he told the king that as a reward, he wanted to join the Twelve Knights of Rounds, the elite of the elite in Britannia's army. He vowed in front of the king to kill Zero once and for all after Lelouch realized his past self.

Well, at least one thing I know is that I'll eventually get to know the answers when R2 slowly unfolds. Meanwhile, another reason not to miss episode one AT ALL.

Sexy Karen in bunny suit operating the Guren FTW!!!

From episode two:
Karen still had her bunny suit on when the Black Knights concluded their attack on Babel Tower, and we get to have a juicy close-up on her scrumptious eyes. *nosebled*

That's a lighter perfectly placed in between her... eyes, if you're wondering. That's where I wanna be if I'm a lighter. XD
Read up from Megami magazine May 2008 issue. That's her guren's key! See, I don't buy those mags for nothing you know... xD

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