Thursday, April 17, 2008

Haul April 08

Received my shipment of monthly dosage yesterday afternoon. Again, saluting DHL for shipping my package from Japan to here in just three days. This month, undoubtedly is my biggest haul from Amazon yet, six magazines and one manga. Seems like all this will be occupying me for the rest of April and maybe even into May.

Magazines loaded with goodies to the max. Some goodies inside magazine like Clannad's clear folder that came with Comp H's.

Comp H's May 2008. With Sakagami Tomoyo clear folder! XD

Comp Ace. Didn't know this mag was all about manga. Gonna keep me occupied for quite a while with all those Japanese...

Look at that thickness. It's almost as thick as those books used in chinese temples! You know, those used for fortune telling?

Megami mag May 2008 with Clannad girls cover. A little damage suffered for my copy but not much harm done.

Dengeki G's May 2008, with free TH2AD trump cards. Love that Little Busters cover.

Computiq May 2008. They're still on the Lucky Star craze, it seems. ^^;;

Dengeki Moeoh April 2008. That calender is not safe for work. Good.

Toradora! Volume one.

2D version and 3D version.

With so many magazines coming in at one go, really hard to choose where to start 1st. Flipped through Dengeki Moeoh, lots of real nice and JUICY illustrations. Currently reading Toradora! Volume one, Aisaka Taiga daisuki! She's the ultimate tsundere character in the manga world! Fierce on the outside, but soft and fragile on the inside. XD

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