Wednesday, March 19, 2008



If you don't read moon language(Nihongo?), I pretty much uttered crap just now.

Okay okay. Not all are crap.

Didn't get any sleep at all. Parents went to the airport just now to catch the earliest flight to KL. Now I'm all alone at home. Won't feel lonely(I'm a 20-year-old man BTW) but I have just a few ringgit left in my wallet after paying for the remainder from my HDD purchase. Now I have to survive the next three days through some artificial soya bean powder which can be made into milkshakes which can supposedly make you thinner. Herbalife anyone? Save me.

Spoiler warning!

Spent the last few hours catching up to my anime. Lost a bit of enthusiasm towards my animes ever since I've deleted the whole season two so far of Shana. Yeah, it was that unbearable.

Started my appetite by watching Clannad episode 21, already final few episodes so it's focusing on Nagisa and Tomoya already. Nice stuff, Nagisa finally got to realise what happened in the past.

Next was KimiKiss episode 23, and honestly it was getting a bit repetitive already with the story. Come on Mao-neechan, confess already! I'm sick of that glances-at-each-other-while-Hoshino-san-watches-on thing. But already near the end, so don't expect much from this.

Then came True Tears episode 11, my ichiban favourite anime right beside Clannad. Woah, Shinichirou and Harumi kissed in this episode! Great stuff. GO GO HARUMI! But towards the end something happened and Shinichirou went to search for Noe who didn't went home. Whole episode was pretty much about Shinichirou's indecisiveness and all, not able to "ちゃんとやる". One thing I didn't expect was the title of the episode, "あなたの好きな人はわたしじゃない。" was told by Harumi towards Noe's brother. I thought it would be either Noe or Harumi towards Shinichirou. Well, great animes are usually pretty unpredictable.

Last but not least was Spice and Wolf, and as usual, I tried pretty darn hard to try to understand meaning of the words in the subtitles which are in chinese(no, my chinese is perfectly fine) which didn't help very much at all. All the business tactics and terms(in chinese some more, nightmare) is not suitable for this scientific mind of mine, but will attempt to download English subs once this anime is over. Decent anime which deserves the limelight.

Oh yeah, those images above are also perfect desktop wallpapers. Go ahead and grab them, don't be shy...

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