Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amazon time again

Once again it's time for my monthly dose of anime and eroge magazine courtesy of Amazon Japan. This time, besides ordering Computiq and Megami April issue, I will also be trying out Dengeki G's magazine, which I have ordered the March and April issue.

Me love Fortune Arterial and To Heart 2 AD.

If all goes well with Dengeki G's, I will be abandoning Megami mag for good. Kinda disappointed with the contents that are featured inside Megami mag. Nice posters, but no freebies! Freebies are a must for these types of magazines these days, especially when the magazine will cost you around 1000 yen(around RM32) per issue.

I hope Amazon will reintroduce their cheaper EMS service. The DHL courier shipping fee is killing me. 3100 yen(around RM100) for the shipping fee of four books is definitely not good for my wallet's health. Though the good thing is that I will never get taxed when my books enter Malaysia, unlike normal EMS service. I guess the tax already "unofficially" included in the shipping fees, considering the price.

Damage done: 6567 yen(3467 yen for the four mags, 3100 yen for the shipping fees)

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