Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alter's Louise Bustier Ver.

Double post for a very special Tuesday. :)

Alter's Louise Bustier Version just came in through Skynet yesterday afternoon. Dissected the box immediately for photo shooting sessions with my lovely Louise.

Note: Bustier is a kind of clothing. It doesn't mean Louise is having bigger busts on this figure. But Louise looks good just the way she is, even with a flat chest, mind you.

Enough talking. ゆっくり見てご覧なさい!私の可愛いルイズ!


box (2)

box (3)

box (4)


louise (2)

louise (3)

louise (4)

louise (5)

louise (6)

louise (7)

louise (8)

louise (9)

Special R15 pantsu shot. Honestly and obviously one of the best pantsu made for a figure that I have ever seen.
pantsu shot

1st time trying to blog through flickr. Terribly hard to blog when you are trying to blog multiple photos. But the upload times are damn fast though.

*added* oh god, those horizontal shots are horribly cut by the stupid fixed template. Done a bit of resolution tweaking(nothing much actually, just a few changes in the numbers inside the HTML codes), looks much better, but those horizontal shots look very grainy, which I am unable to fix. Damn, I'm gonna try give Wordpress another go someday.

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