Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How did I do?

Wondering how did I do for my STPM? Remember my predictions? Well, almost all of them were way off. Here are my official results for my STPM 2007.

Shocking, but most of my classmates got B, so we all(U6S4) know who to blame.

CHEMISTRY : B+ ; 3.33
Satisfactory for me, considering how badly I have done in my Paper 2.

PHYSICS : B+ ; 3.33
Disappointing, was aiming for at least A- but my Paper 1 failed me.

The surprise of the lot. a very very big surprise.

Couple of disappointments, but overall I'm quite satisfied especially my Maths T. My average GPA is 3.4, so I have to really really pray hard for myself to gain entry into UM. I still have the option of going to NTU, but with this kind of result, can I even survive in there? Well, looks like the best option for me now is entry into local universities.

P.S. yeah, Cheng Jun Kee got 4 flat. That's four BULAT BULAT PUNYA ACE. MY MY.

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