Saturday, December 29, 2007

D.C. 2 S.S. confirmed

Great news!/? Da Capo 2 is after all, getting a sequel. Didn't even knew(or care, even) about this until Wei Liang mentioned about it in his chatterbox.

After tormenting myself for 20-odd minutes(well, not really. Read on.) during the last episode of D.C. 2(nothing much to say about it, heck even the Japs are pissed off about it), I wondered what had happened to the once glorious series known as Da Capo. Where was the imouto love? Where was Shirakawa Nanaka? Most importantly, where WAS Shirakawa Nanaka? Oh oops. What the HECK happened to Tsukishima Koko? I was like - WTH?(for the last few episodes, at least) LOL'ed at the Haruhi parody at the end, and for the 1st time ever, I used the fast forward for a final episode of an anime. Yeah, the ending was SO TERRIBLE, I ended up watching all 52 episodes of Da Capo all over again just to re-satisfy myself with some imouto love(and Kotori's Chiwassu!).

Please, let the Shirakawa girl win this time... Didn't Kotori suffered enough in Da Capo?

Or at least, some imouto love with either Yume(bottom) or Otome(top).

D.C. 2 S.S. starts airing come Spring 2008. Imouto love/Nanaka love or bust! Oh, NO MORE AISIA(OR SIMILARLY ANNOYING CHARACTER) PLEASE!!!

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