Monday, January 8, 2007


Basically i've been going to school slacking myself off for the past few days since school reopened. Upper Six is terrible. I get to sit way behind, all alone. And i can barely catch up with Maths. Damn am I really gonna fail my STPM like this? The physics teacher hasn't even started teaching yet and Maths is already going into a new chapter. Crazy. Chem is quite relaxing at the moment, though sitting at the back hasn't help me out one bit. I get to sleep during Chem which is VERY RARE and ended up missing everything that was taught, and punished by the teacher when she quizzes me the next morning. writing "partial pressure of a gas = mole fraction X total pressure of system" for 50 times as a punishment. FARK.

BTW I might get my PSP as soon as the end of January!!! yeap, got early angpow from my relatives from Brunei who came to visit. B$150!!! LOL... upped my PSP fund wakakakakaka... Now surely i have enough money for that 4GB Memory Stick costing ~RM400... *drool*

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