Sunday, January 7, 2007

Confirm liao lah...

Confirm i'm gonna hold a PSP after CNY... wahahahaha... now i'm undergoing an uphill task of saving RM50 per week and eating air at school so that i can fulfill my dream(not exactly dream lah, desire) of owning one... right now my PSP fund is RM220 only lah... but there's still 4 weeks to go until CNY, so hopefully can save up to RM200+ before then, and then i'm gonna expect my CNY angpow money around RM400-RM500, so RM220 + RM200 + RM500 = PSP!!! wahahaha... FYI, PSP costs around RM700-RM800 but some jackasses jack up the prices to RM900-RM1200 JUST BECAUSE THE FIRMWARE IS VERSION 1.5, which can support *ahem* games. of course, i'm gonna play *ahem* games on my PSP but the jacked up prices is ridiculous. hopefully i can find a PSP version 2.71 or below which i can downgrade myself to 1.5 and then i can play *ahem* games. HOPEFULLY.

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