Monday, January 1, 2007

Must haves for 2007

My must have items list for 2007. lol.

A PSP. cheap, real cheap nowadays. a stripped down package including the main system and a charger would only cost me around RM700-RM800, and a Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB will cost me another RM200-RM300. buying a PSP for mainly multimedia purposes, such as watching movies and listening to music, plus the occasional portable football games. ehehhe... aiming for either a blue or silver coloured PSP, but definitely not a black one. too common. the games, to my surprise, are pretty cheap too, going from RM170-RM250 for 1st hands and RM70-RM100 for 2nd hands. my first big grab for 2007 would definitely be one PSP.

An XBOX 360. the first next generation console that i will own, hopefully by the end of the year when i end my Upper Six education. gonna grab one insanely cheap at Hong Kong when i go there this year end. gonna cost me around RM1200-RM1600. games are not so cheap though, going from RM200-RM300.

Suzumiya Haruhi CDs. this is the year i'm gonna buy them all from Amazon Japan, priced reasonably at ¥1200 each(hopefully the price drops eventually). and hopefully i can afford to buy the Suzumiya Haruhi DVDs, too. should be around ¥5000-¥6000.

Nope, no Nintendo Wii nor Playstation 3 for me this year. i guess i want to play it safe and wait for them to mature enough, and release more decent games.

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