Sunday, October 29, 2006

elfen lied

there's nothing like watching a full anime series on an early sunday morning(2.40am now)... sipping down a hot cup of milo... full blasting the air-cond... ahh the life of an anime otaku...

right let's get to the point. until now i was watching ELFEN LIED. 1st impressions, this anime is all about... violence. nudity. a female character shouting "nyuu" all the time. perfect recipe for disaster in an anime isn't it? chigau yo! well for this anime anyway. it really is violent, i warn you 1st. the 1st starting scene leads to the 1st violent scene(and very heavy too), like 7-8 minutes of PURE VIOLENCE. heads dropping off, hands dropping off, body cuts into half, etc. ohh, there plenty of blood too. nice isn't it??? it's been a long time since i've watched such an anime. but for all you violence-no-no-ers, this anime isn't all about violence anyway. there's a GOOD STORYLINE of course. it's nicely presented as the artwork is superb. the music is mysterious and nice, suiting the theme of the anime. currently i'm still on episode 11 going on to 12, and it ends at 13. it's really short, but that's the good thing about it. the longer an anime goes, the losoer it gets.

i did receive plenty of warnings from my friends that this anime is very very violent. after listening to their warning, i intended to stay away from this anime as most animes like that tend to suck a bit. but Elfen Lied does not suck at all. in fact it's one of the best animes i have ever encountered, on par with shingetsutan tsukihime or fate/stay night. definitely a must watch.

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