Saturday, October 28, 2006


another boring saturday. waking up at 11am(usual time), switched on my dvd player and watched my animes in my room. tried to watch Elfen Lied but my dvd player can't support newer version of DiVX. so i watched some old animes that i liked a lot. DA CAPO... hehe.

after watching a few episodes, i surfed the internet for new episodes of animes. downloaded new episode torrents of asatte no houkou, gift ~eternal rainbow~ and Kanon. then i left the computer on for the downloads and head on to "Kick Off" for two hours of futsal. didn't score(as usual) but created some chances for my team mates. anyway, that happened around three hours ago, now i'm home alone and hungry. my dad went back to Bintulu and my mum went to Kota Kinabalu. I'M BROKE. guess i have to survive these few days eating biscuits and milo. X(

school's gonna start back on monday. and then 3 more weeks until my year end holidays!!! wahh can't wait. form six damn stress.

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