Wednesday, October 25, 2006


疲れた!!! i had myself watching two full seasons of animes non-stop since monday... finally gonna finished off two more animes already. i was watching 宇宙のステルビア and ノエイン. finished Uchuu no Stellvia yesterday, and gonna finish off Noein perhaps today or tomorrow. both are surprisingly good to watch, especially Noein. i gained a lot of knowledge about quantum theories and such from the anime. XD i'm interested in such stuff okay...

anyway i'm still on my raya holidays but tomorrow i'll be dragged to school again for extra class! =( chemistry lah what else. that teacher memang a lot of time to spare.

yesterday night went to TAO for a drink with my friends. for those who don't know, TAO is kinda like a coffee shop(STARBUCKS etc.) but with more "気分" and less 働きマン(more "feeling" and less workaholics). you feel much more relaxed when drinking a
cup of coffee there and the sofas sure are comfortable. here are some shots of the nicely designed interior:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

basically it's theme is buddhism and stuff like that(hence the name TAO or 道). i recommend you visit there sometimes. the drinks are quite affordable(if you frequently visit Starbucks). it's on Padungan Road somewhere. it's easy to spot with the TAO sign.

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