Thursday, May 18, 2006

form six fourth day

not much happening after four days. teaching has started, but most are only introductions to the subjects. maths T started yesterday, we were taught the different types of numbers, eg. real numbers, natural numbers, integers, complex numbers, etc. the chemistry teacher didn't come today, so we had 4 whole periods of free time(including two free periods). instead of sitting in the air-conned classroom enjoying myself while chatting with others, we were "pulled" to the chemistry lab to do some cleaning. it wasn't tough but damn it was so hot. we cleaned the grills(i don't know how to call them, not window grills) while "enjoying" the sunshine. apart from that, nothing much happening today.

at home, 10.1 GB of GTO anime still in progress. 43 full episodes. 3 more animes still unwatched. i guess i'm gonna be damn busy this weekend. wahahaha...

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