Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2nd day of form 6

super tiring day today. had orientation in the morning, and toured the whole school in the afternoon. same old boring orientation almost made me fell asleep. didn't had much fun with the tour, too. every school is almost the same, except this school has older buildings built by ang mo langs long long time ago. nothing much difference with the atmosphere. and today the classes were organized. i'm in the same class as christopher, ayrone, alvin wang and tze boon. that's not bad. at least my friends are with me. hee-hee. but things didn't turn out good in the end when i realized that *she* isn't in the same class as me. my heart just crumbled and fell apart on the spot. i don't think she'll feel the same way as me though. *sigh*. oh well. i'll just have to move on with my form six life.

after school, went to song kheng hai to have some ABC with chris and ayrone. met alvin and tze boon there too. alvin told me he's going to art side. maybe the form six science is too tough for him. we talked and talked until 4.30pm then decided to go back home. when we walked towards my car, i noticed a big piece of paper on my windshield. thinking it as an advertisement, i just continued walking towards my car. then i saw the big MBKS on top of the slip. LOL KENA SAMAN WTF LMAO. it seems that i forgot to put the parking ticket. i didn't even see the sign that says "parking ticket needed". maybe the MBKS guys took it off to earn some extra income. FUCK. lost RM5 to the MBKS.

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