Monday, May 15, 2006

form 6 starts

form 6 started today. and i hate it ever so much, well at least the first day. it was fun meeting my friends from kuching high again, but the programmes were a whole lot of bull. boring speeches, hot and humid atmosphere, a certain *someone* harassing me(no hard feelings dude). the counseling teacher pissed me off a bit with her attitude(damn it, we're having our first day at a new school! go easy on us at least!).

though form 6 has started, my anime craze will not end yet. wahaha. currently downloading TONS and TONS of anime. the full serieses i finished downloading Tsubasa Chronicle 1st season and Kimi ni nozomu eien, while now i'm currently downloading Karin. three full series of anime still not yet watched, that makes a total of 26+13+24=63 episodes. LOL. 63*24=1512 minutes of anime. walao eh. maybe i should leave all that for the upcoming mid term holidays. not to mention the ongoing animes i'm watching. higurashi ni naku koro ni(nehh the violent and bloody anime i introed a few weeks back, damn i love this one), sukuran 2nd term, xxxHolic, Ouran High School Host Club, and so on.

haih. what a first day in form 6. hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. but i really doubt it right now. morning go school, afternoon also need go school. FUCK. i'll be back here tomorrow so matta ashita na~

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