Friday, May 19, 2006

my long awaited weekend

it has been one of the most tiring week of my life. the weekend has finally arrived. it's like it's been so long since the last weekend arrived. i had been seriously lacking sleep the whole week, noticably yesterday and today when i almost fell asleep waiting for the traffic light to turn green in the morning. thanks to the horn from the back i'm able to clear up lah of course. the real lessons hasn't start YET. when they do, i can't even imagine what would happen.

about st. thomas. the school rules are really really strict. it's even more unfair for the guys. school belts is one of the new things i have heard of and didn't even know it existed. what a piece of crap. the canteen rule is also laughable. you can't share your table with another female. that's bullshit. as if sex can happen when you share your table with a female. hmm... *thinking dirty*

another problem is the overwhelming number of soft guys, a.k.a. akuas. man just looking at them makes me wanna punch their faces beyond recognition. what's worse is that most of the akuas are fat fat guys who look like they're tough and stuff. but when they start to move, it is really obvious that any ordinary human will not enjoy the sight. i really feel sorry for them. i really do.

but. BUT. this school is not all problems though. the school IS beautiful. well, beautiful FOR A SCHOOL. it looks pretty on the outside. but inside is really... well it depends on what building. my classroom's building for example. my classroom is on the backside of the building. well, in front of the building looks neat. but behind the building, especially my classroom, looks like it's gonna collapse anytime soon. oh, did i mention the "dunno-what-thing-on-the-floor-but-damn-they-really-do-stink" stuff outside my classroom? lol.

p.s. dom, sorry lah. i just kidding lah. oh yeah, who wouldn't be upset when you can't be with the one you like? LOL. OBVIOUSLY i still like her so damn much.

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