Sunday, April 2, 2006


after spending about 6 hours on KH2, i'm so bored now. my eyes are blurry from the TV lights. imagine spending 6 hours sitting in front of a TV. the blurry eyes are okay for me, but the worse thing is the pain in the ass for sitting too long on a cushionless chair. ouch man.

since i'm so freaking boring now, i took some lame pics of the games(*cough*pirated*cough*) i recently bought. hey, as a responsible consumer we must learn how to save our money right? thank god for piracy! XD
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Suikoden V(nice cover, don't you think?)

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Final Fantasy XII(Japanese)

i didn't know why the hell i go and buy the japanese final fantasy, since i knew that the english version is gonna release in september. i'm just an idiot. a clever idiot. a clever idiot? hmm. the TV lights must be getting to me.

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