Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fools' Day

hmm. april fools' day ehh. this is a day where people are supposed to play pranks on other people and the victims are supposed to not get angry about it, cause it's april fools' day. though i don't particularly enjoy playing pranks on other people, i did try before. just simple simple pranks. nothing life threatening lah. i never experienced being pranked by other people on this day before. i guess most malaysians aren't into this day.

nothing particularly special happening today in my life, i just grabbed a copy of Kingdom Hearts II US at kenyalang this afternoon. of course i enjoyed it, but i kinda regretted playing the japanese version before this one. it kinda ruined everything for me. well that's not particularly bad either, at least i can understand what they are saying now.

it's getting hard to choose new animes to download nowadays. most of them are not really good. and the good ones are hard to download, as most of them have too many episodes already. older episodes are hard to download, ie. seedless torrents. finally i chose two new animes, shinigami no ballad and kyou no go no ni. both of them just started airing in japan.

from the two new animes that i have chosen, i like shinigami no ballad more. it's about a girl shinigami(god of death) who collects souls from the deceased. but this shinigami, named momo, also helps the dead take care of the living. she does favours for the dead so that they can rest in peace. each episode has a different story but it's still good. animation is smooth and voice acting is great. here's a screenie of momo, the girl shinigami and her cat, oddly named daniel.
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kyou no go no ni, which means "today in class 5-2", is about Sato Ryota, a 5th grader in an elementary school. He is a bright and active boy but always manages to get in to a bit of ecchi troubles with his classmate girls. don't let the "elementary school" thing bug you, it's a good anime with a lot of humour. since there's currently only 1 episode aired in japan, i can't say much about this one. the 1st episode was great, and i can't wait for the second one. here's a simple screenie of the anime's characters.
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shinigami no ballad's website is, just for your information. wondering why the website has momo100100 on the URL? on momo's shinigami ID(yes, they have IDs), her number is 100100, thus explains the momo100100. quite unique.

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