Friday, March 31, 2006


damn. i thought i would not sleep today. instead at around 9am i started to sleep like a pig on the couch. then some idiot called me and wanted me to go to kenyalang park check out some games(PS2 of course). it was around 3 or 4pm i think. of course i agreed, because i wanted to buy kingdom hearts 2 and suikoden 5. okay, half way on the road, that idiot called me and told me that he had something to do and he can't go. what a retard. then he told me to help him buy kingdom hearts 2 if it's available. yeah in your dreams. anyway, i reached kenyalang at around 4.30pm. it was about to rain, so i guess i had to hurry because i didn't bring any umbrella with me. well, the trip was kind of a waste. i did get to buy suikoden 5 though. but kingdom hearts 2 arrive tommorow. and thanks to my retarded friend i have to go there again tomorrow to buy kingdom hearts 2. suikoden 5 was fun, i spent about 3 hours playing it just now. but i bet i'll put it aside once i got my hands on kingdom hearts 2. i've been waiting for it since i finished the 1st kingdom hearts. that's around two years ago. i'm so excited! haha. i'm such a game freak. but what to do. i love games. especially RPGs. oh yeah. Final Fantasy XII is absolutely beautiful. i just got hold of the japanese version of it last week and i enjoyed the graphics, the music and the battle system. too bad i can't understand most of what they are saying. and the english version will be out sometime in september. damn! i don't think i have time to play then. Form 6 is tough lah. so have to restrain myself from playing PS2 anymore. so to compensate the time given to studying at that period, i'm gonna waste all of my time now concentrating on games and anime!!! YEAH!!! bahh~ i'm lazy to say anything anymore. wait for my review of kingdom hearts 2!!! maybe i'll review suikoden 5 too. so till then, ja matta.

p.s.// this post kinda lacklustre. i know that. i'm not in the mood for blogging but still i have to update this crappy blog right?

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