Wednesday, April 5, 2006

bandwidth choked

more and more BT downloads for me this week because of the increasing numbers of animes i wanna see. hehe. and all the downloads are choking my bandwidth. i can't surf the web normally while i'm downloading stuff, so my blog goes "unupdated" for a few days. though most of the time my BT speeds are around 50-60kbps, sometimes it can go bonkers for a while. let me explain through the screenshots i took of my BT client at work.
ok, most of the time my speeds are like so:
Free Image Hosting at
nice ehh... fast and steady...
and then sometimes my speeds go down until like this:
Free Image Hosting at
yeap, 0kbps download speed and 0-point-something uploads. crazy. as you can see the image with the slow download speed is taken before the image with the high download speed. hehe just mere coincidence. this occurs randomly. all i can say is the download speeds on BT is really inconsistant nowadays. i'm content with it for now, as long as my downloads reach max speed most of the time, i'm satisfied. lucky that this happened after i upgraded my streamyx to 1MB package. worth it lah. i hope TMNet offer some more higher speed packages someday, like 2MB or 5MB or 10MB. don't waste time adding low cost packages like 384k one lah.

damn, now my download on 99.4% still need 1 hour to complete. sigh. 0.6% times 3.99GB how much eh? 0.023GB. 23MB?!? KNNBCCB 23MB need 1 hour to complete.

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