Wednesday, April 5, 2006

canvas 2 ~niji-iro no sketch~

wierd title for an anime ehh? ~niji-iro no sketch~ translates into ~rainbow-coloured sketch~. this is another one of those romance type animes that i dig most. okay, less crap. now, the review.

Animation Quality: (7/10)
The animation is very beautifully and carefully portray. The color was amazingly bright and cheerful, feelings are shown through the magnificently artwork of both background and characters. Unlike most other anime out there, Canvas2 uses bright colors to shine the anime to another level. I was first captivated with the beautiful and light color used in this series, and when I get indepth into the series... other things start to struck me on how amazing this anime can be...

Story Plot: (8/10)
“Canvas” literally means that “Strong Coarse Cloth that artist uses for painting.” Of course the story plot has connection with the title. Unlike certain anime out there that titles doesn’t seems to have any connection with the series.

At the beginning, characters are slowly introduced into the anime. Necessary characters of importance are well developed until the end of the series. The character’s emotional state was easily shown and sincerely, I was absorbed into the emotional state along with the characters. Every story in this anime was very well planned and elaborate in such a way that every episode is meaningful.

The ending comes with an amazing surprise and twist. With White Christmas as the theme for the finale, it certainly boost the romance of any romance anime could ever offer. It was totally unexpected for me and though I was a bit stunted with how things end up, I’m not at all feeling disappointed with it. Well… Canvas2 doesn’t end up the way I hope it is but then again, it isn’t really bad and I’m sure that many others out there would be happy with the amazing and sudden twist though.

Characters: (10/10)
The characters were so beautiful and captivating, I would consider this anime as a Harem since there were like… a dozen or more girls and 3 guys? Either way, the characters were very beautiful and loveable. Canvas2 seems to have all sorts of girls from all sorts of backgrounds and personalities.

We have gothic and sarcastic, Fujinami Tomoko. The beautiful blonde heroine, Housen Elis. The extremely cute and chibi, Hagino Kana. The sporty and mature, Kikyou Kiri. The elegant and gifted with angelic voice, Misaki Sumire and many more captivating characters. Aside from the girls, the male characters are pretty well taken care of as well though Kamikura Hiroki (Hero) is the one actually move the story around…

Sincerely, I really like the characters and how the producer present them in the series. I was deeply touched and every moment is memorable to me. I would say that the characters in Canvas2 is what the main attraction for this series is.

Music & BGM: (7/10)
With high beat and face pacing opening, it really brings up the mood. The opening is nice and memorable. While the ending is equally nice though I would have prefer the ending in any ways. The BGM is something to be given credit about, it brings out the mood in important scene and gives it the atmosphere needed to attracted the audience attention.

I’ll say that the producer have done a good job in the making of Music and BGM but I think there’s still lots of room for improvement. Anyways, I wouldn’t complain much since it is quite satisfactory for me. Not to mention the beautiful “Ave Maria” sang by Misaki Sumire.

Overall: (8/10)
This series maybe long and tiring at times, it can also be dead boring at certain episode. However I felt that it worth every second downloading the series. The last 2 episode is more than just the word Memorable can claimed. This series is truly a beautiful and nice anime, I doubt regretting is the last word in your mind if you manage to bear with it to the end. This series was so close to be considered as Master Piece. I recommend this series to anyone out there that looking for something nice, sweet, and heart warming series.

You won’t regret if you can finish the entire 24 episode. You can have my word with it, and of course… do not continue if you’re not a Drama or Romance fan because this is what this anime all about.

Hmm. sorry about the lack of screenshots. i'm on BT and the connection is kinda laggy. but, i'll try to post some next time when i found some. anyway, this anime rocks! please watch it! hehehe.

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