Sunday, March 26, 2006

tulan day

another tulan day for this fat ass. why tulan, you ask? even if you didn't ask i'll also say anyway. lol. main reason of tulan is boredom. boredom leads to hallucination. hallucination leads to suicide. hmm. maybe not. all i can say is why form 6 so slow start one hah. it's not that i'm eager to go back to school it's just the boredom staying at home is making me sick. how i wish i went to swinburne with my fellow friends at january. no use regret liao lah.

2nd reason of tulan is streamyx. cibai streamyx. limit my bittorrent speed, will you? i'm gonna unsubscribe once i found a new ISP. noobs, ISP is internet service provider. duhh. like tmnet lah. baka. actually not only me rant about streamyx in malaysia lah. in LYN, a lot of peeps already complain liao. some say want to sue them. sue for what? just abandon the streamyx service by unsubscribing it lah. so easy. you think sueing a government-backed company is easy meh? if win also make other people mafan nia. tmnet will be dismantled and then peeps who work there will lose their jobs you know. see i'm so thoughtful of other people even though i also hate tmnet a lot.

okay. 3rd reason for tulan. my computer's dvd drive. waliu i only bought it 3 months ago and already it's giving me lots of problems. in fact, it's from LG. aren't LG suppose to be one of the leading companies in making dvd players and drives? i'm so freaking disappointed. even lousier "pai" like AOpen better than LG. my friend one AOpen dvd drive can play the dvd but mine can't. then i try other one, also same. but some other dvd my dvd drive can play. i'm suspecting that my dvd drive is choosing the dvds that it wants to play. that's just a theory of course.

4th reason for tulan. okay this didn't made me tulan but it's kinda frustrating. the messy wiring behind my PC. sigh. you'll have to see it to feel my headache.
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okay. the blue wire is the ethernet wire, which is used to connect my router to one of the holes in my PC. the silver wire near the speaker is the mouse wire. the thick black wire is the power plug wire. the thin black one is the router power plug wire. and the rest. figure out yourself. i can't do all the work myself, right?

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ahem. as you can see, my desktop is pretty, but bare. u can actually see what games i've got there. that's all i have. there's warcraft 3 to play dota, a golf game, and a dating sim. don't ask me what a dating sim is. google it lah.

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