Sunday, March 26, 2006


saikano. or saishu heiki kanojo. translation : my girlfriend, the ultimate weapon. i can't believe an anime like this made me shed tears non stop. but seriously. this anime is the best romance anime i have ever set my eyes on.

saishu heiki kanojo. the title says it all. this is a story about a boy and his girlfriend, who is literally a government-created superweapon. don't ask me why that happened, the anime didn't even bother to tell. well it did tell in the OVA released recently, but i'm just lazy to leech from bittorrent. japan is invaded by other countries, and i also have no idea why that happened, and the government is forced to create an ultimate weapon to eliminate the threat. the girlfriend of that boy, named chise, is chosen and equiped with uber cool gundam like wings and guns for arms. but don't be confused, war scenes in this anime are rare and if available, lasts only a few minutes. this story is all about love. love between the boy and his girlfriend. really really touching. there's also some side characters that really made the anime even more interesting. as the human side of chise slowly fades away from her, can her love for shuji(main character) help her retain her humanity and help save the world from total destruction? you'll have to check this anime for yourself if you're interested.

okay enough blabbering, screenies galore!!! wahahaha...
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Title Screen
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Chise... cute...
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Chise, ultimate weapon mode...
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I cried all the way during this scene... T.T

Hehe. hope that makes your anime senses tingling again. be warned though. this anime is an uber sad anime and i don't recommend you to watch all 13 episodes in one go if you're the sensitive type. and there's *some* kinda adult scenes so definitely no children allowed. but no nudes though. just adult scenes. plenty of tears too. *sobsob*

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