Monday, June 8, 2009


You are Kousaka Kyousuke. You are 17 years old. You live a very normal high school life.

You have a little sister. Her name is Kousaka Kirino. She’s 14 years old, dyes her hair blonde, and she looks just like one of the young idols on magazines.

She seldom talks to you, and you think that she hates you. But that’s OK, since you don’t really care about it anyways.

What would you do if one day, by chance, you found out that she’s actually an anime otaku and loves to play gal-games?


Nice new manga that I’m currently reading with almost a dozen others. The title roughly translates as “My little sister isn’t that cute”. Cute or not, you be the judge.

The art is crisp and fresh, Kirino and most of the other characters are very well drawn. Love that “dere” look on Kirino’s face in the above cover pic.

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