Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going back soon

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Ignore the filler pic if you find it irrelevant to this post. Filler pics in blog posts are mostly irrelevant anyway.

Going back to Kuching on the 23rd this month to celebrate probably the most important week for me this year. No, birthdays aren’t as important as this. You get free money during this period and don’t call these few days important?

Yeah yeah, Chinese New Year is nearing once again. The only period of time where Kuching turns into a warzone. And by warzone it’s even fiercer than that “war” somewhere where I could care less about.

Updates on life over here.

Bought a new set of tweeters, Altec Lansing ones to be exact. Paired it with my newly bought Soundblaster USB soundcard, sweet pure bliss flowing out of them tweeters. Mah new Sennheiser PX100 ain’t half as bad as well when paired with the Soundblaster. XD

Bought a 320GB Western Digital Passport to replace my brick-like 320GB “external” hard disk from my desktop. Finally I can play GTA IV on my desktop without the worry of running out disk space.

Will update again in Kuching. Too busy lazying around here. ^^;;

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