Sunday, October 12, 2008

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チュルチュルチュルパヤパ~ Disco laydeh~ Disco laydeh~

Yeap, Rosario & Vampire Capu2's new OP song by Mizuki Nana is insanely addictive! Oddly named as "Discotheque", whatever that means, should be somehow related to disco. Forget that. It's so addictive that I played this song on my walkman non-stop from Perhentian Kajang bus station to Jalan Imbi bus stop near Times Square, that's around one and a half hour's journey, lip-synching "churu-churu-churu-pa-ya-pa" whenever that part arrives. There are three tracks in total in this single release titled "Trickster", which is the single's main track. The other two are OP and ED themes of Rosario & Vampire Capu2.

1. Trickster
2. Discotheque - OP theme for Rosario & Vampire Capu2
3. Trinity Cross - ED theme for Rosario & Vampire Capu2

In my order of awesomeness, Discotheque > Trickster ~= Trinity Cross

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