Thursday, May 8, 2008

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier is turning out to be one of the big surprises for me this season. I always thought of Macross as that game where you manouvre a small aircraft on a 2D, top-down perspective that I played aeons ago. Never have I thought that Macross's storyline is more than what the game had represented.

(Top down: Ranka Lee, Sheryl Nome, Saotome Alto - he's a he.)

Ranka Lee is a Sheryl Nome wannabe. Sheryl Nome is a superstar, at a galactic level. Saotome Alto is a wannabe Macross pilot with impressive skills. Great combination?

There's plenty of juice running already, even though it's only been 5 episodes(ends at 25). The dogfight scenes are absolutely amazing, making gundam fights look like mehh~. Love to see the emerging love triangle between the three protagonists above, and there's one incredible scene where Saotome's phone was vibrating in his pocket while he and Sheryl was hiding in a closet. Both of them were in close contact, and Sheryl's in-betweens were strategically placed above the vibration of the phone, causing inbearable but incredibly exciting moans coming out. Oooh~

Sakamoto Maaya singing the OP theme, Triangular. Decent, could be better though.

Ranka Lee(or the seiyuu) has a great voice, loved this song very much, she sang it when she was in the Miss Macross contest.

Ranka Lee sings again, now in a shopping mall. Great great voice.

Macross Frontier's ED theme, Diamond Crevasse, sang by Sheryl Nome. Also the music of choice of my blog here at the moment. Great great song as well.

This is gonna be my last update before I head off to KL tomorrow for a one week vacation. More stuffs to come then~

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