Sunday, May 11, 2008

Greetings from KL

It's my second day here in KL, and I've already had a pretty formidable haul already, and I think there will be a bit more to come.

Thanks Kevin for meeting up with me at Borders at The Gardens for my Tsurunyan~ Nyoron~

Formidable haul from Kinokuniya at KLCC.

Some original translated chinese manga. Bought the wrong volume for Nodame! GYAHHH! But hey, who's to complain when one volume only costed me ~RM11 after discounts.

Part of my monthly dosage acquired, together with Hatsukoi Gentei Volume 1! Too bad Megami mag hasn't arrived yet though. >.<

That's all for now. Heading to Penang tomorrow, will have more updates after that!

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