Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Of Sekai Days and Miracle Mirai


Apparently Sekai Days is an alternate retelling of the real ending of School Day's nice boat where nothing really happened and it was all a dream.

April Fools' Joke? Obvious, isn't it?

And the last one was a bit... too much. Taisuke days.

Creator of Mirai Suenaga, Danny Choo will be collaborating with Nitroplus to release an eroge titled Miracle Mirai, set to release in 2009.

More info on the post by Danny Choo himself here.

Another April Fools' Joke? Please don't let me down, my approval sign is ready for this. XD

Confirm both are April Fools' joke. Almost fell for the Miracle Mirai eroge though. ^^;

Happy April Fools!

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