Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Some figures that I'll be getting or wanting to get this coming few months.

This post is made possible by The Figure Mall. Thanks for the pics and the figures!

Alter's Chua Churam

Main chara from the eroge Chu x Chu Idol. Odd name, and guess what? She's a vampire. Sure doesn't look like one. Releasing this July, retailing at ¥6800.

Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Moetan

Fell in love with this nendoroid the very 1st time I saw her. She's so KAWAII! SO CUTE! Who wouldn't resist getting her? Retails ¥3333, this coming August.

Kotobukiya's Kamikita Komari

Her shining eyes are persuading you to get her. What would you do? Save ¥5500(excluding shipping fees and price jack-up) and wait until July 2008 for her arrival?

With Max Factory's Tsuruya-san coming from fellow blogger Justin, that makes it four figure gets at the most. At least until August. But that Cospa's Shana Noir Version is just so very tempting...

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