Saturday, March 8, 2008

Elections 2008

The elections are finally over and poll countings are still underway as I speak. I doubt BN would lose the majority, but some really exciting news just came in from West Malaysia, specifically from KL and Penang that will definitely kick those BN arses way out into deep space.

Incredibly, the alliance of DAP, PKR and PAS swept BN aside in Penang and won the majority of votes. In KL, six parliamentary seats are already won by the opposition, which doesn't come as a surprise since KL is known as the stronghold of the opposition parties. Bandar Kuching was won by DAP candidate and the city's favourite Chong Chien Jen by over 10000 votes.

I was really disappointed by the sheer amount of BN wins here in Sarawak. Man, we Sarawak alone could help BN retain majority in the parliament. No offense, but this just shows that the majority of Sarawakians, especially from the rural areas, are still unaware of what we all are experiencing here in urban areas. BN got hold of that opportunity and swept to victory in those areas where there are more [insert major ethnic group of our country here].

Election or no election. I doubt that the opposition can do anything about the domination of BN in the years to come, and I may well be off to somewhere far north where I can enjoy four seasons in a year, able to actually enjoy benefits from the government and having the politics being the least of my concern, hopefully in the near future.

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