Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random rants(and more)

Before I start, I'm going to use some alien language in my post here and will be lazy to elaborate more on them. For those who cannot understand some of the words I'm using here, you can either read and try to understand or do something about it yourself. Google isn't just for wearing you know(oh wait, that's goggles isn't it?).

Admit it folks. The anime version of Rosario & Vampire is merely made for those fanservice-hungry otakus over there at the Land of the lolicons, hentai freaks and hikikomori otakus(I meant to say Land of the Rising Sun, but does that SOUND like Japan to you right now? No offense, I absolutely love Japan!). Although a bit of panchira and zettai ryouiki is good for health(proven! I'm your prove), too much can lead to severe blood & soldier loss and "abandon-the-anime-cause-the-manga's-way-better" syndrome, as in Rosario & Vampire. Yeap, the manga is so great, I finished eight full volumes in just three hours. Staring at a CRT monitor for three hours straight is not good for your health too, so watch out yeah. And if you're asking me where can you find the manga, buy it lah. Chinese version only RM5 per tankoubon. No, dunno it's pirated or not. OR if you can afford it, try the famous jungle, with .jp as their site extension(you know what I mean right? RIGHT?).

Speaking of mangas, I just picked up Mirai Nikki, and thought that it was kinda overrated. Liked the story, but the art kinda disappoints me. And that girl. What's wrong with her? She's like a psychopathic killer on the loose. Literally. Anyone picking up or already in progress with the manga? Would like to know your comments about the manga. I have only three golden words to describe it. PSYCHOPATHIC, BUT DIFFERENT(in a good way).

On a side note. Am I the ONLY Windows Vista Ultimate user to have just realize how AWESOME Windows Dreamscene is? Am currently enjoying a full HD video playing as a "wallpaper" on my desktop. Only for Ultimate users folks.

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