Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nanyang Technological University

Just applied for entrance to NTU, or Nanyang Technological University, which is quite a well-reknowned university in Singapore mainly offering engineering and sciences courses. Application fee is S$20 through credit card. Not guaranteed of an entrance, but heck, better try than no try at all. Here are the choices I have put down for my courses. Basically almost the same as my application for the local universities lah.

1. Civil engineering
2. Aerospace engineering
3. Mechanical engineering
4. Electrical and electronics engineering
5. Chemical and biomolecular engineering(dunno why I put this, hopefully don't kena this one lah)

My top choice university was NTU during Form Six, but don't know why I didn't go apply for it earlier. My results kinda sucked during my mock exam, maybe that's why I hesitated to apply. Gained a bit of confidence after seeing the requirements of entrance on their website and straight away applied for it. Fees are quite reasonable for a university with big reputations, and tuition grants(like temporary "discounts") are given by the Ministry of Education Singapore, given that you accept their terms and conditions, which is you have to work at their country for three years in order to pay back the grant. Fees for engineering courses are S$9540 annually, spanning over four years. That means 9540 x 4= S$38160 for the whole course, not counting additional miscellaneous fees paid during registration.

Just finished Form Six and still waiting for your results? Just apply for NTU! For more info, please refer here. Closing date of application is 31 March 2008.

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