Thursday, January 10, 2008

また Short Entry

Yet another brief update from yours truly. Work was great today, sold two cameras in quick succession! 1st one was an Olympus(RM799), then it was an IXUS 860IS(RM1499). Eighth day into my new work, and finally sold my first camera! Good signs of things to come, definitely! Nikon D40X next!

Finally started to chase J-dramas too. Recently Honey and Clover Live Action premiered on Japanese television, and I gave it a go. Not bad, the acting is quite okay. But Hagu isn't as short as the anime/manga version. Minor letoff, but still the Live Action version of Hagu is UBER KAWAII. OMG I FELL FOR HER THE 1ST SECOND SHE APPEARED! :lol:

そういえば、 間山、森田、竹本と山田、アニメのバーションと全然違うだな~まあいいっか。 Hope it's a good drama to watch!

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