Monday, January 28, 2008

Max Factory's Kureha

Finally posting the pictures I have been promising to post up eons ago. Warning: 56k unfriendly post!

Two SLRs were dispatched for some shutter action, namely the Nikon D40x and the Olympus E-510. Not of the best shots, as expected from an SLR noob.

Pictures taken with the D40x were somewhat having dark backgrounds. Maybe I had the shutter speed wrongly set? Otherwise the Olympus E-510 does a great job, just have to work out better angles. Wanted to try Nikon D300 and Olympus E3, but didn't have any stock at shop at that time. Bummer.

Nikon D40x

Olympus E-510

Still learning on the basics of SLRs. Any websites recommended for SLR noob? Having a hard time selling SLRs at shop. >.<

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