Sunday, December 23, 2007

Boulevard Mall

One word, disappointing.

Imagine Sungei Wang Plaza 1U. Now imagine a mall around one third its size. That's how small the mall is.

And to add fuel to the fire, the so-called "hypermarket" which is the anchor tenant, Boulevard "hypermarket", was totally a fraud. I'd expect them to improve over their hypermarket in Miri when they come over here, but still, overexpectations come in. This definitely proves that local supermarkets are SHIT.

All the roads connecting to the mall was jam-packed, which also proves that we Kuchingites desperately need more decent malls over here. Please let Jusco, Tesco, Giant or even Carrefour to come in, you f*cking Sarawak government. Stop protecting the local market here, they can just rot in hell.

On a side note,

34 degrees celcius on idle! That's a first. Had my fan running at 60% of full speed.

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