Sunday, October 7, 2007

Clannad 01

After briefly watching through the 1st episode of Clannad, I have to say I'm very impressed, as expected. So far I'm still not too clear about the backbone of the story, just watching it without much concentration(on my small handphone screen, it's hard to concentrate on the subtitles). Before I continue to watch it the second time on my desktop, here's a brief description of the starting scenes which I have somehow managed to understand.

Okazaki Tomoya(main male character) lives in a town where he didn't liked at all. He laments about his boring everyday life: going to school, chatting with his friends, and eventually going back to his home which he also hated. One morning, beneath a row of blooming sakura trees, he encountered a girl(Furukawa Nagisa, main female character) which is also from his school(from the uniform she wore), murmuring to herself. She started by murmuring "black bean bun"(??), taking Tomoya(and me) by surprise. She then asked, as if someone was beside her, "Do you like the school?". She then answered to herself that she likes the school very much but she admits that it's very hard for everything not to change. Tomoya interrupts, to the surprise of the girl, by telling her that by finding the next happy or joyful things, life might not be so bad. He then urges the girl to move along, and with the girl following behind, he thinks to himself about the long, steep path they are about to climb.

Very very impressive animation. It's even, in my opinion, a level above the animation used in Kanon and Suzumiya Haruhi. Loved the interchanging between monochromatic and coloured scenes at the beginning(which is the scene I just described above). Some comedy was injected towards the mid-end part, which provided a few chuckles. All in all, I can already expect that this will be THE anime of Autumn 2007. With Kyoto Animations behind this, it's a crime not to put high expectations for their work!

Fade-to-advertisements scene, typical for all animes during the middle part of each episode. I love the way the title "Clannad" is shown, looks really "picture-perfect".

As usual, more details of this episode at Random Curiosity. Thanks again for the pics, Random Curiosity.

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