Thursday, September 20, 2007

What the...

School days was supposed to be aired yesterday(Wednesday), but somehow, for some unknown reason, all the TV channels that was supposed to air this last episode of School Days, suddenly pulled out the show and instead, this shows up on TV Kanagawa.

Yeap, a nature/scenery program. LOL.

Rumours have spread that the last episode was deemed too "violent" to be aired and so it was pulled out without prior notice. According to Random Curiosity, there was a scene of violence done by a high school girl(undoubtedly Kotonoha or Sekai) inside the last episode of the anime. And according to Mainichi News, the news of a murder of a man by his daughter using an axe is the main reason this anime was pulled off. Apparently in the last episode, the colour of the blood was also changed to black, but they finally decided not to air it.

Chiba TV, TV Aichi and TV Kanagawa had all postponed the airing for an unknown period of time. Only hope for a subbed version is through AT-X, which airs R-15 animes without restrictions.

Here(Japanese) and here for more. Thanks Random Curiosity for the nice scenery shot.

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