Sunday, September 16, 2007

NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT

Finally, a graphics card upgrade! Bought a new 8600GT from Saberkas last Sunday for RM4XX. This is the reason why I'm broke recently and my rants about financial difficulties in my last post. It's a mid-range graphics card and it supports DirectX 10, I say it's damn worth the money. Perhaps one of the most powerful graphics card in its catergory available today, only to be beaten by the same chipset of different clockspeed(256MB GDDR3 version of the same card). This is the 512MB GDDR2 version, not so significantly slower in terms of memory and core clock speed compared to the GDDR3 version. More details here.

Love the box. For a mid-range GFX card, the box is HUGE!!!

Vista and SLI ready. Don't think I need SLI though. For now.

Silent Pipe II technology! No fan needed! There's a significant difference in noise level between my old X550 and this. I was shocked when there's virtually no sound at all when I first installed it. I thought the fan or something else had broken down! But a fan is a must if overclocking is involved. It can get pretty hot down there, especially playing graphically intense games like Bioshock.

8600GT in action! Notice the Silent Pipe II sticking out beneath the card. It's HUGE!

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Performance wise, this card is incredible. No problem at all running Bioshock at medium(quite smooth) or high(a bit lag here) quality, 1024x768 resolution. Considering Bioshock is based on Unreal 3 engine, that is very impressive already. Want to upgrade? 8800 and above is great but of course, the price is absurdly expensive. This card is a great alternative to 8800, with a chunk of performance loss of course. But hey, it's only RM4XX!!! Cheapest 8800 comes around RM1XXX!!! With Bioshock running smoothly, let's hope Crysis can do so too!!! X3

Oh yeah, my new Samsung YP-K3 mp3 player has finally arrived!!! Damn it's so sexy... and it's FREE(Recommended retail price, according to Samsung Malaysia: RM599)!!! XD

Sound quality is incredible, and the equalizer is my favourite. Better than my Sony walkman!!! And no more Sonicstage here!!! Just drag and drop whatever I want...

Sounds superb with my new audiophile level in ear monitors(IEM), which costed me RM180. Shit, no wonder I'm broke now.

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