Thursday, September 13, 2007

スクール デイズ

Kotonoha finally smiles!!!

Makoto has slept with almost every major girl character in the anime. What is up with all those girls? I can't even begin to understand what is so great about that SOB anyway. So yeah, he got Sekai pregnant. This should be the point where he stops sleeping with other girls right? Nope. No way. He still frantically searches his cell phone for his "whores" during Christmas night. But Otome, Hikari and Otome's friends all rejected him. And he wandered around the city to a big Christmas tree where Kotonoha(still crazy about him) waited and waited for Makoto since who-knows-when. Makoto saw her and realized(finally) what he had done. While Kotonoha continues with her monologue about how she will be a good girlfriend to Makoto and such, he hugged Kotonoha while whispering "I like you" or something like that. Kotonoha finally smiled.

Cheap bastard. After sleeping with all the girls, now he's going back to Kotonoha? What about the pregnant Sekai? And I thought finally Makoto has take up the responsibility of cleaning up the mess he has done. Still not sure about the real ending to this anime though, most probably a good ending. But I'm sure that a lot will have to happen next episode(which is the final one) if a good ending is to come.

As usual, extremely detailed overview of Episode 11 here. Thanks again to Random Curiosity for the image.

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