Saturday, September 8, 2007


Kotonoha's shirt unbuttoned at the start(she made love(unconsciously?) with dunno-what's-his-name after Makoto didn't accept her invitation to the folk dance), Sekai kisses Makoto at the folk dance with Kotonoha having a front-seat view, Setsuna kissing Makoto for the 2nd time and offers her body to Makoto(reluctantly, and thank goodness nothing happened), Makoto acting as an a-hole by making love(again!!!) with Otomo in the sports equipment storeroom, a lifeless looking Kotonoha with lifeless black eyes(scary!), and Setsuna finally leaving for France without saying goodbye to anyone. Oh, and Sekai, now you're finally going to dump Makoto right? Yeah, she saw the video of Makoto making love to Otome during the school's festival in the famous ”休憩室”. If you are confused at this point, don't even try to read again. See next paragraph.

Extremely detailed overview of that episode is available at Random Curiosity, here.

Episode 10 of School Days, is without a doubt, the most eventful compared to all of the other episodes so far. If you haven't watch it yet, go do it now!

Next episode is called "Minna no Makoto", which is the harem ending of the eroge. Which means Makoto gets all the girls? I really doubt it though. I can imagine Sekai and Kotonoha teaming up together doing something really nasty. Mmmm. Bloody violence.

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